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Yeah yeah another scheduling page. But not so fast! This page operates a LOT differently than the dozen others.

Say you need Wisconsin on 12 Meters SSB. On all the other sites you have to go to the pages and join in the rooms and wait. Hopefully, eventually, a station from Wisconsin shows up that can do SSB on 12 meters and then try to make your schedule. Both of you have to be in the rooms at the same time to make the connection.

Here at QSW.Me all you do is tell us what you want:

  • Wisconsin
  • 12 meters
  • SSB

and QSW.Me will display all the stations that have those capabilities that match your wants. In other words it shows you all the stations in Wisconsin that can operate 12 meters SSB.

None of these stations need to be there. You choose the ones you want to try to connect to and propose a schedule on their personal message board. They will get an E-Mail with your request and will be able to reply to confirm or reschedule.

The site also keeps a public list of the schedules so that other stations can get in on the action!

It's that simple! Both of you do not need to be on the site at the same time to find each other.

To get started

Please watch the following video that will explain the registration process and how you can get the maximum benefit for for joining QSW.ME

Select your continent in the menu on the left and then click on the sign up link. We ask a few questions about your station during registration to setup your account. A password will then be sent to you that will allow you to log into all the database's and your personal message board. Once you get logged into the database you can add detailed information about your station including bands and modes that you operate on. It's that simple!

What is QSW.ME? Find out more about us!

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